Mixed Gender

with Eli Buren and Stefana Serafina 


May 19–23  2017 

Kolob Terrace, a pristine and remote valley in Zion National Park



This is a small group experience. By application only.

  Immerse in profound  and remote wilderness while exploring the backcountry of your own inner landscapes and learning invaluable skills in interconnectedness 

As embodied beings, we are surrounded and sustained in a constant flow of elements and energy that inform our every movement and gesture. Learning to see and skillfully navigate these currents, profoundly influences how we experience and are experienced in our day-to-day living.


The Elemental Immersion is focused on bringing attention to the subtler dimensions of being and developing a more spacious capacity for intimacy with self, humans, and nature. Rest into what you inherently know and trust, and bring that fullness into your life, you work, your family, relationships, bodily wellbeing, and moment-to-moment state.


The Elemental Immersion will provide the skillfully facilitated yet wildly unpredictable open space for the many layers of your personal journey that most need unfolding in the present time.  Stefana and Eli bring to the immersion a sophisticated combination of skill and experience in working with men and women around the world in a way that empowers, transmutes, and illuminates.




  • Cultivate a more embodied and felt sense of awareness, and deepen your dialogue with your body’s intelligence.

  • Recognize and honor one another in the dynamic interplay of masculine/feminine qualities that is animating the now.

  • Explore and learn from the dance of magnetism vs polarity, openness vs. closure,  allowing vs directing.

  • Learn tools for cultivating a state of openness and presence in the body that shifts your level of receptivity to life.

  • Bask in the beauty and intensity of a very wild place while noticing and exploring the backcountry of your own internal landscapes.

  • Develop a profound and lasting intimacy with self, one another, and the living landscape.

  • Cultivate a more intimate relationship with what challenges you and that which you avoid feeling.

  • Connect with the core of your being in ways that will continue to be available to you the rest of your life.










































































Kolob Terrace region of Zion National Park - in a gorgeous, pristine, very remote, and privately owned valley, far from tourist activities.



1:30 pm pick up/ drop-off from and to McCarran International Airport Las Vegas. Transportation to the valley will be provided from there.



$825 - Includes food, transportation from Las Vegas Airport, and camping.


By application only, email info@eliburen.com or stefanaserafina@gmail.com for details, with questions about the immersion, and to apply.

Eli Buren has been on a dedicated path of awareness since 1998, with specific trainings in yogic embodiment, spiritual practices, meditation, somatic studies and how these disciplines can be lived in a down-to-earth manner. He is gifted at guiding others into a deeper understanding of spirit, authenticity, and true presence with integrity in the body. He has studied with a wide spectrum of teachers, including a long term teaching apprenticeship with David Deida.




Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator and women’s empowerment facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay. Her work has been dedicated to the pursuit of the worldwide spiritual, emotional, and physical liberation of women and their genius.

With body intelligence, intuitive movement, somatic journeying and the embodiment of the feminine mysteries as primary tools, Stefana has been working with women in California, Europe, and Central America since 2009. She is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance, and produces The Embodied Way Podcast.