"Expect to explore deep and uncharted waters within your own being. Stefana is a timeless and multidimensional facilitator who truly cares about her students' wellbeing. Her skills in providing space and exercises to bridge one's inner world and outer world are unlike anything I have ever experienced before. (Allison Mezen)


What a magical container! I was able to "see" into myself through movement.  I was able to release grief, to experience deeper self love, acceptance and spaciousness. I was brought right into my wild soul.  I was able to develop a heightened level of curiosity and a desire to follow what came up in the room.  (Maggie Bronson)


Thank you for such an incredible experience. You pulled a thread out of my heart and helped my whole being unravel and remember and come back a anew!   (Rosemary O'Leary)

Expansive!  (Linamarie)

"I had a profound experience. Each session taught me so much.  I came into a fuller understanding of my body, my psyche, my consciousness." (Paula Thomas)

"I have been disconnected from my body for the last 10 years after an abusive relationship I had in high school. Working with Stefana has really brought me in contact with myself again, being able to listen to the subtle and not so subtle messages my body gives me on a moment to moment basis. Stefana creates an amazing space to safely dive deeply into oneself and one's history. This is a very positive, nurturing, opening, a truly invaluable experience that I will definitely come back to again. (Dawn Yee)

I'm really impressed with your guidance and the content of this course. I am committed to dream work and authentic movement practices, as well as my own somatic movement, and I feel like it takes a long time to be able to weave so many teachings in the way you do. It's all been so compartmentalized, and you are helping me learn how to bridge all these feminine disciplines I've been exposed to.

Malia Mcinerny

“This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Stefana online. Her teaching and intuitive midwifery helped me to cleanse trapped emotions and open myself to a more whole and healed self, filled with with grace, curiosity and wonder.  

I highly recommend working with Stefana! Her work is honest, magic and down to earth - all at once!” Anna Caroline