My work with women






In 2005, already in California, while working as a writer and journalist, I happened upon a hula hoop, a simple toy that seduced me to move with it while I simply held it in my hands and explored. It meant everything: As if the circle shape was my long awaited teacher in freedom, in the following days, months, and years my body unlocked more each time I moved with it, breaking through rigidity, finding new forms and ways of expression, and  experiencing my self, my emotions, and my spirit like I never had before: supple, uninhibited, free.


I learned this well: When the body unlocks, the psyche does too. It takes one deep into realness, into what’s happening below the surface, beyond thought, feeling, or wound. It takes us to new possibilities, new steps that are born from a place of profound connecteddness to self and life. And since that was more empowering than anything I’d ever experienced, I felt passionately called to share it with others. And so, against the odds, in 2009 I began offering teachings in intuitive movement, flow, and hoop-dance as an access point into the deeper psyche. The classes and workshops became so popular right away that I didn’t have a choice but to offer more and to continue to show up for women in ways that I could have not predicted.


Working with the many, many women who came to class curious, hungry to explore and find themselves again, I became a devoted empirical researcher and a self-driven “scientist” of the body and its moving expression: Observing how women moved– and why they couldn’t move as they wished– and all that unraveled in our embodied explorations taught me day by day about body intelligence and its potential for healing.


In the last several years I have taken my work to venues across North California Central America, and Europe, and have developed a great part of the Intuitive Body and Dance workshops to serve as a platform for returning to the quintessential way of being Women: embodied, perceptive, tuned in, and fiercely powerful, together weaving and dancing a new dream.   


 Devoted to your healing and liberation,              

Stefana Serafina


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