She Moves, Her Body Knows


  Embodied Discovery and Empowerment Series 
   for Women and Non-Binary People

with Stefana Serafina, M.A.


Now in our fifth year in the SF East Bay, and our tenth year of spreading the work of movement–based embodiment internationally! 

























February 26––April 27 2019, An 8–week Series

Seven Tuesday evenings, Feb 26–Apr 16,  (NO CLASS March 12) 7–9 pm     

+ A Daylong in Nature Apr 27, 10:30 am––5 pm  





Series Theme: The LOVER Archetype: Enlivening Your Bravest Love Story 


 We welcome women and non-binary people 

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THE SHE MOVES, HER BODY KNOWS is a signature series for the Intuitive Body and Dance work; We are now in our fifth year in the San Francisco East Bay. he series is s offered in 8–week committed cycles twice a year, and only locally. (For our countrywide, international, and online  offerings, see the Workshops menu.)


Each series focuses on a unique theme and offers the possibility of deepening into a specific inquiry, while also offering the foundational aspects of our unique embodiment work, which is rooted in intuitive and creative movement, body intelligence and sensual anatomy practices, deep psyche imagery and archetypal work, embodied storytelling, witness practice, ritual, and sisterhood.  


THE SERIES, and the work at large, is designed to honor and celebrate the fact that our bodies are exquisitely attuned to the earth, the cycles of nature, and to the sense-based intelligence that weaves our world together. When experiencing our bodies with attention, freedom, and devotion, the “deep body” opens up: The merging place of mind, senses, soul, and wild psyche.  Moving freely, intuitively, ‘under’ words and thoughts, into the world of the deep body and the felt self, we have access to a profound system of inner knowing and embodied wisdom. Our own deep life comes  into a living, moving conversation with the animate web of life, and we become connected to the enchanted territory  to which we belong. 

As we acknowledge and respond to the signals and insights of the deep body, both our own and that of the living earth, we begin living into the greater personal and collective myth that awaits us.


During these eight weeks together, we explore some of the most meaningful aspects and themes of our lives through the lens of the creative, intuitive, emotive  language of the body, and allow it to inform our growth, soul-searching, and next steps.


The themed explorations for each 8-week series vary while always weaving the foundational elements of this work:


–––We engage all ‘levels of body’: Sensory/visceral, sensual/sexual, dream-body/deep psyche,  expressive, perceptive/cognitive, and mystic/spiritual, all of these merging into the concept and experience of the DEEP BODY:   the whole embodied self as part of the greater ecosystem of life and the cosmos.


–––We work through unique body intelligence and creative embodiment  practices, expressive movement and dance, creative writing and embodied voice, sensual anatomy investigations, witnessing and group partnerships, storytelling and myth, all of these constituting the unique primary lens of our explorations.


–––We engage deeply with the complexities of our inner landscape of feelings, sensations, instincts, and direct knowing, and create a dialogue between our inner world and the environment we inhabit.  


–––We deconstruct the socially imposed and internalized demands on the appearance and the expression of the female body–the objectified self– and inhabit the genius of our deeper body, our sensuality and eros, and our sensitivity as intelligence.  


–––Working in these ways, we  unlock the evolutionary legacy written in the female form, the timeless embodied woman who thrives in her sensual and nurturing power, and we call back the powerful knowledge our bodies have kept about beauty, birth, healing, and transformation.


–––All the while,  we cultivate a strong and safe web of lasting sisterhood, built not on stories and conversations but on deeper, non-verbal expression, wakeful embodiment, and creativity.



  • A richer experience of yourself, your direction, and your inner voice

  • A doorway to your deeper psyche, your dreams, longing and imagination

  • An enhanced ability to trust inner expertise and resource yourself internally

  • Accessing the body knowing for what needs healing and how to move forward

  • Restoring creativity, fluidity, and aliveness as native to your internal ecosystem

  • An increased level of intimacy with self, life, and others

  • A rekindled capacity to FEEL your body rather than THINK  about it

  • A lasting and positive impact on body- and self- image

  • Restoring a profound connection to the elemental feminine

  • A journey into self-knowing beyond the known and expected



  • Intuitive movement and  expressive dance

  • Body intelligence practices

  • Embodied inquiries and  journeying

  • Drawing and writing toward deepening

  •     and integrating emerging material

  • Witness practice

  • Ritual

  • Unusual approaches to discussion and conversation

  • Peer counsel  and circle

Please see our FAQ section for more 


Women and female bodied beings of all identifications are welcome to joins us. All ages, races, and body types are  warmly welcome. No experience needed. People experiencing a limited ability/range of movement are welcome to join. Your presence will be held in a safe and nurturing space.


Please see our FAQ section or  email us at




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Words do not come close to the depth of power, healing and liberation I am experiencing in our sacred time together. Thank you, thank you! (Haley Wilson)

I am getting so much joy, comfort, learning, and intimate contact out of the group, I don’t know how to thank you enough! In my work life I am a writer, and teacher. I spend my days swimming in words. What a relief to drop into the word-free embodied space of our class and to get to know these beautiful women, not through their stories but through the warmth and energy of of their body-spirits! (Alison Luterman) 

Stefana is a deeply attentive, intuitive, passionate, and committed seeker and facilitator. It was clear to me, from our very first meeting, that her desire to support women on their journey was fueled by love and a sincere devotion to the intuitive and wild woman in each of us. I left the circle feeling more intuitively connected to my body and to my heart's deepest longings.

 (Tania Manfredini)


I am aware of being the oldest woman in the group. I thought "Can my body still do that? Am I too old and stiff?” It has not been an obstacle. In fact it is a delight to dance full-out with women who are young enough to be my daughters.  I feel very tenderly towards the younger sisters and their energy touches me deeply. It is very healing!n (Anonymous) 


Our group lets me let go of all the crowded world I deal with and find the inner being and I am so grateful! (Leslie Absher)

What I have experienced is far beyond any descriptives….I hadn’t recognized how much my spirit yearned to speak through my body. My body is re-awakening! It  is finding it's own language beyond response to music. It is electrified by the voices of my sisters. I am astounded by the power of being witnessed and of witnessing. I am brought to tears by the sense of wholeness that comes from being seen without expectation. (Nicole D'anna)

I experienced the most profound heart opening of my life!

(Kitania Nottke) 





Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator, writer, and embodied empowerment facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay.


She is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance, which has grown into international platform providing women with resources, experiences, and education for returning to their bodies’ inherent intelligence, creative and intuitive genius, and sensuous wisdom. For over a decade, Stefana has been teaching and facilitating transformative embodiment in California, Europe, Central America, and online. 

Stefana's work weaves together embodied inquiry and expressive arts approaches, body and nature-centric practices, women’s sensuality traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, and ritual.


Stefana holds a Master's Degree in Communications, and is also a graduate of the Interchange Counseling Institute, in addition to a wide range of training that includes Authentic Movement, dance, breathwork, indigenous traditions, drama  therapy,  and women's studies.

Stefana hosts and produces the Embodied Way Podcast, and authors the Embodied Way Blog. 


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