Embodied Rediscovery & Leadership

One-on-One Sessions

                and Personal Apprenticeships 


Available in person (San Francisco East Bay) or Online 

One-on-one sessions or an in-depth apprenticeship with Stefana are an invitation to a many-layered, committed journey within your deeper life, your embodied intelligence and internal navigation, as well as your relatedness to the natural, greater-than-human world, the ancestral and collective psyche, and the elemental feminine. In these in-depth sessions, Stefana guides and supports you to enter  the most charged and significant themes of your life through the visceral, direct and creative language of your body and your felt perception. You will work with your experience as it emerges moment-to-moment, as an opportunity to address your history in the present time– and make full-body progress.


Through your intuitive movement, tracking your mind-body dialogue,  excavating and transmuting layers of body memory and embodied patterns, and working with the meaning and guidance of your creative expression, we access knowing that is often unavailable to the thinking self alone, and uncover your deeper resources for healing, becoming whole, and living a life of purpose and service.


The sessions create a container for a profound intrapersonal journey and aim to position you in a transformative, empowered relationship to yourself and the world, in a way that inspires you to cultivate your embodied leadership and serve your communities through your most natural and potent gifts.


The work we do together is a call to an authentic, deliberate,  in-the-body homecoming. It is a call to the furthest and most meaningful  stretches of your heroine’s journey.

More specifically, the one-on-one work offers a container for your transformative work through the five cycles of embodied rediscovery, change, and leadership. A description of  each cycle is further below.

Results you can expect, often reported by participants:


  • Rediscover your body, reconnect with its deep, subtle intelligence, the wisdom of your felt perception and living imagination;

  • Gain unique insight into the most charged themes of your life, and uncover resources for lasting, embodied change;

  • Address deeply seated patterns of closure and holding in the body, and reinstate openness, flow and freedom in your internal system and outer life;  

  • Reinstate creativity, sensuality, receptivity, and fluidity as the sustaining forces of your life;

  • Explore the layers of your personal mythology, the archetypal forces at play at this stretch of your journey, and gain perspective on the importance of your personal legend;

  • Overcome fears of aging, negative body and self- image, and self-esteem fluctuations. Ground yourself in a sense of wholeness, self-respect, and body love;

  • Discover the legacy of your female form, explore the  feminine mystery in practical, earthly ways. Become deeply resourced in the elemental feminine;

  • Break-through to a new  level of self–expression and leadership.

THE PROCESS: How It Works 

–– Each of the Five Cycles of Embodied Rediscovery, Change, and Leadership includes 7 in-person sessions with Stefana, each 75 mins long, and all the resources provided to you to help you engage more deeply in the process in-between sessions. These resources include recorded audio practices, reading recommendations, worksheets and practice guidelines, films, poetry, and other inspiration. 

–– You will  meet with Stefana weekly or bi-weekly, either in person in Oakland, CA, or online, via Zoom technology (ZOOM is free and easy for you. Sessions are just as effective, rich, and rewarding online as they are in person!)

–– You can complete only an individual cycle without committing to all of them or to an apprenticeship,  or you could aim for the longer/full journey and commit to a specific result. (Please see more about the cycles below.) We always begin with the first cycle, with each cycle building on the previous one.

–– If you are interested in completing an apprenticeship, you must move through all five cycles in the course of 10-18 months. As Stefana works individually only with a few women per year, priority is given to those interested in completing all five cycles.

–– Stefana is  available for voice/video check-ins on an as-needed basis in-between sessions.

–– For those engaged in the full apprenticeship, two integrative one-on-one afternoons with Stefana are offered within the apprenticeship, each  of them ~3 hours long, one  at the end of Cycle 2, Breakthrough, and one during the last, Leadership, cycle.  These take place either in nature in the San Francisco Bay Area, or as specially designed 2.5-hour online experiences.

THE FIVE CYCLES of Embodied Rediscovery, Change,  and Leadership

1: The Initiation & REDISCOVERY Cycle: 7 Sessions + Additional Resources

Rediscover your body’s deep, subtle intelligence. Reconnect with your felt sense and sensuous wisdom. Expose and explore patterns of closure in the body and explore powerful ways to restore flow in your  system and reopen the psyche to new possibilities.  Gain unique insight into the most charged themes of your life, and uncover resources for lasting, embodied change.  

2: The BREAKTHROUGH Cycle : 7 Sessions + Additional Resources

Discover your own unrealized internal resources for transforming your relationship to yourself and the world. Re-attune your body, mind, and soul, utilizing your oldest patterns and wounds as catalysts towards the most desired changes you long for. Gain perspective on the archetypal influences at play in your life, and catalyze the furthering of you personal myth and heroine's journey. 


3: The MYSTERY Cycle:  7 Sessions + Additional Resources

Travel the layers of your deeper psyche, body mythology, and ancestral contracts. Encounter and work with the timeless, wildish, and greater-than-human mysteries and influences that shape your path. Work intimately with nature as guide and alley. Reinhabit your subtle sensual anatomy, your feminine parts, and access the palpable, timeless intelligence written in your own female form. Establish your unique sense of womanhood  and give it voice and expression. Become deeply resourced by your primary nature.


4: The Visionary Cycle: 7 Sessions + Additional Resources

Break-through to new grounds of selfhood and self–expression. Receive support to define, articulate clearly, and bring forth your matured qualities and gifts that can serve you in actualizing your potential as a visionary, creator, giver and leader. Weave your most dynamic qualities and skills into your work and personal life in a way that infuses  your path with  purpose, meaning, and passion.


5: The LEADERSHIP  Cycle: 7 Sessions + Additional Resources

Cultivate your unique leadership. Drawing on your first-hand experience thus far and your unique set of visionary and personal gifts and, develop skills and framework for working with others, be it in professional or community settings,  and facilitating growth and change for them especially by using embodiment, emotional and body intelligence, and creative movement. In completing this last cycle, you ‘graduate’ from the personal apprenticeship program with Stefana and receive a certificate for completion.

(Please note: This is a personal certificate, not a diploma or license by a state-accredited institution. Also, please understand that before your apprenticeships is deemed complete, Stefana may request that you complete some additional field work, personal practice and research, and, in some instances, some additional sessions may be required before completion of the apprenticeship  is granted.)
















With Stefana Serafina, M.A.



WHAT IS INCLUDED   The investment for each cycle includes all in-person sessions, the recorded audio practices provided to use on your own time, a list of personally-tailored recommended reading and other resources, as well as ongoing check-ins and support from Stefana.


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE Depending on the weekly or bi-weekly frequency of the in-person sessions, each 7-session cycle takes between 2 and 4 months to complete. Add 2–4 months for each additional cycle. The full, five-cycle apprenticeship is usually completed over 12–24 months.



One full cycle of  one-on-one work and mentorship, which includes all seven 75–minute sessions + all intermittent resources and check-ins  with Stefana over the course of 2–4 months is: 

 $1155 when the sessions are held online, or

 $1225 when sessions are held at Stefana's studio in Oakland.

In the case of a combination of in-person and online work, rates are adjusted accordingly.


Additionally, please note: For those completing an apprenticeship in person in the East Bay, during two of the five cycles, one of the seven sessions is held as an extended half-day retreat sessions in nature  one-on-one with Stefana, which is approx. 3–3.5 hours long and is $350. There are only two of these longer nature sessions for the entire apprenticeship. This makes the rate for two of the five cycles $1575 (assuming that all sessions are held in person).

For those doing apprenticeships online, there are two longer online sessions during the second and last cycle, approx. 2-2.5 hrs long, and they are $220, bringing the investment for those two-out-of-fiv-cycles $1375.

Please contact us at connect@intuitivedance.org to discuss additional possibilities, payment plans, and details, or to schedule a chat with Stefana.



1: REDISCOVERY Cycle: A 7–Session cycle,   2–4 months to complete

2: BREAKTHROUGH Cycle:   A 7–Session cycle,  4–7 months  to complete Cycles 1+2



3: MYSTERY Cycle:  A 7–Session cycle,     5–11 months to complete Cycles 1–3 

4: VISIONARY Cycle: A 7–Session cycle,   7–14 months to complete Cycles 1–4 




5:  LEADERSHIP Cycle: A 7–Session cycle. Completes full apprenticeship. With all preceding cycles, a full apprenticeships is 35-Sessions; 10–18 months to complete Cycles 1 through 5  

For questions, please email us at connect@intuitivedance.org.


WHAT OTHERS SAY about working privately with Stefana

'I experienced profound healing and insight from my sessions addressing womb trauma with Stefana. She facilitated the work with the highest levels of integrity, care, respect, and commitment.  The work was at times challenging and painful, but I always felt that I had in Stefana a wise and fierce guide. She confidently lead me through a dark passageway of trauma into a level of freedom and restoration I had not known before. I continue to reap the benefits of working with her. I highly recommend you take the journey with Stefana.'

–Debra M., California 

'My work with Stefana has been evolutionary in so many ways. I came to her so feeling so wounded and yearning for a deeper connection with myself and my sexuality. Years of repression had left me with an imbalanced moon cycle, extreme sorrow in relationship with my mother, and a complete disconnection from pleasure and arousal in my body. My sessions with Stefana have completely surprised me, empowered me, and allowed me to access my feminine wisdom. Stefana has an incredibly powerful energy and resonant presence...she can facilitate me so deeply into my body with a sense of realness, compassion, courageousness, and love. I feel like I enter portals beyond time and space and am given permission to access the deep multidimensional records that reside in my being without the static of the mind. My life has completely shifted in the last 6 months, the connection I have to my body is stronger than ever, and I am re-discovering pleasure, sensuality, sexuality, and love in a whole new way. I am so thankful for Stefana!'

–Amy Rogg, Oregon 

'Working with Stefana one-on-one has been a joyful, unpredictable, and deep journey into my body and the language of imagery through movement and deep listening. Stefana is a competent and caring guide who provides a safe yet spacious container to explore and go deep within through a very down-to-earth approach to embodiment. In doing an apprenticeship with Stefana every session seems to me like a small journey within a larger one, and they all reveal different pieces and resources of my personal as well as our collective myth. It’s a healing and empowering experience that has helped me change old patterns and learn how to locate and find my way home.'

– Emilie M., Denmark

Stefana Serafina is an amazing woman, a talented and intuitive teacher and a powerful guide into the realms of the wise body! I cannot say enough about her ability to hold sacred space for women. You will be transformed!

– Yulia Livingston, New Mexico 

Working with Stefana in a one-to-one setting is amazing! Her guidance has supported me to trust the intuitive sense hidden deeply in my body, and I am making more powerful choices which are in alignment with my life's purpose. She has supported me in resolving my fear of myself and other females. I identify as androgynous and embracing my own female form has been challenging. Her guidance in finding my own movements is invaluable to me. I am so grateful.

–Lynne Palazzolo, California  

This journey has performed miracles deep within  me, I see and feel myself in a way I was too afraid of before embarking on the work.

–Allison Mezen

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Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator and facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay. She is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance, a platform for learning and transformation through the body’s intelligence and moving expression, and has been dedicated to women’s embodied empowerment, working with women in California, Central America and Europe since 2009. With body intelligence, intuitive movement, somatic journeying snd the embodiment of the feminine mysteries as her primary tools, Stefana's work is devoted to the pursuit of the worldwide spiritual, emotional, and physical liberation of women and their genius. In the new worldview Stefana works to promote, women return to their uninhibited power and actively embody the new feminine, together. 

Stefana's work weaves various somatic, creative movement, and embodied awareness approaches into a unique and versatile blend that helps women rediscover and reunite with the exquisite intelligence inherent in their bodies. Her approach is based, centrally, on her own empirical research and in-the-body studies, and is also influenced by a multitude of traditions and modalities, including Authentic Movement, somatic and process-oriented psychology, expressive art approaches, temple and ritual arts,  indigenous worldviews, and earth-centered spirituality. Stefana is also the host and producer of The Embodied Way Podcast. She holds a Master's Degree in Communications and is a graduate of the Interchange Counseling Institute. 


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