Body, Ocean, and Eros: An Eco-Sensuality Immersion  
Playa Viva, Mexico  

Deep–Body Movement and Eco-Intimacy Retreat for All Genders 


Sunday March 29 – Thursday April 2, 2020

Guided by Stefana Serafina, M.A.


Eros of the ocean, eros of the heart, 
eros of the land, eros in the thread between us...
Eros as the oldest love story, a timeless conversation between the body and its earth,  
eros as a restoration of the fabric

that weaves us into to the family of things. 



PLAYA VIVA combines simple elegance, eco-design, natural beauty, and a commitment to improving the environment and the local community. A sustainable and regenerative center, it is located just 35 minutes south of Zihuatanejo and the Ixtapa International Airport, yet it enjoys a mile of gorgeous pristine (and private) beach. The property’s nearly 200 acres includes an estuary, an Aztec archeological site, a baby-turtle sanctuary, and a coastal forest and mangrove ecosystem which supports an array of stunning wildlife. 

Playa Viva meets our values by going beyond simply 'low-impact' in every aspect of its operations, and applying regenerative technologies,  including:

––Permaculture and sustainable agriculture

––Watershed, estuary and oceanside restoration

––Expanding the mangrove system, and restoring the coastal forest by replanting thousands of native trees

––Water conservation and replenishment system

––100% off-grid solar system

––A veggie bio-diesel van to pick up guests

––Building an increasingly self-sufficient human settlement

––Strong commitment to engaging and supporting local communities: health clinic, schools, and farmers.

We encourage you to get familiar with Playa Viva's social and environmental commitment and impact

ABOUT THE LAND:                      Why Playa Viva 

Intuitive Body and Dance© is a unique movement–based modality rooted in the genius of the “deep-body”. Through richly curated landscapes of music, silence, guided inner-world journeys, sensual investigations, witness practices,  embodied storytelling, and deep psyche explorations, participants are invited to explore themselves through the different layers of the deep body–– cognitive, physical, sensual, emotional, expressive, perceptive, and mystic/collective–as these layers interlace and open each other, creating possibilities for a deep re-inhabitation of body, self, and world, and a profound embodied experience of being in communication with the web of life. 

Central to the Intuitive Body and Dance vision is the understanding that the body is in a vital and unbroken relationship with the Earth, and they must be explored together, as their health  and restoration are  always mutual. 


  Living in the Deep Body


Body, Ocean, Eros: The Mutual Restoration

Join us for five days at the unforgettable Play Viva regenerative eco–center, for the restorative practice and experience of eco-sensuality– a deepened and healing embodied intimacy with ocean, land, self, and one another.

Eco-sensuality is about  finding the sensuous, the enlivening, and the tender-hearted in our relationship to our living world, its creatures, and each other. In this never ending conversation between our bodies, the lands that raise us and make us, and the oceans that hold our deepest planetary wisdom, there is a legacy to tap, a wholeness to regenerate, a mutual and most needed restoration that holds the key not only to our survival, but to our thriving. This immersion is an invitation to a many-layered exploration and restoration of your body and psyche in relationship to the living earth and its wild creatures, your inner wilderness, and  your fellow humans. 

 See details about how our time together will be spent below.

Playa Viva is an earth-honoring community whose leadership has invested remarkable efforts over the last decade in the continuous and loving restoration of the land, ocean and native species back to their wilder, natural ecosystem, in integral collaboration and in support of local communities. The center offers unforgettable scenery, oceanfront movement and workshop space, the best eco-accommodations one can hope for,  a turtle sanctuary, whale and dolphin watching, and world-class organic farm-to-table cuisine, all of this combined with their impeccable record of land and watershed restoration, deep commitment to and support for the local communities, natural building, permaculture, and 100% regenerative design.  (Scroll down to see more about Playa Viva) 

Learn more about the immersion guide and facilitator Stefana Serafina 

TAKING PART: Accommodation, Fees, Arrival & Vicinity 

Rates are all inclusive and include your shuttle transportation from Zihuatanejo Airport (ZIH),  4 nights at Playa Viva, all state-of-the-art gourmet meals and non-alcoholic beverages,  organic toiletries and bath products,  and immersion fee.


Smaller, simpler yet beautiful  space, facing the ocean. Bathroom downstairs. 

Shared by two people w/ individual beds

Bamboo Studio 

All-inclusive registration fee: 

$1320 before Jan 15, $1420 after

Deluxe Suite.jpg

Gorgeous suite with patio, spacious private bathroom, comfy beds, a couch, and facing the ocean.

Shared by two people w/ individual beds  

Deluxe Suite 

All-inclusive registration fee

$1450 before Jan 15, $1550 after


Lots of space, beautiful views, private bathroom, and comfy beds, shared by two participants.

Shared by two people w/ individual beds

King Eco-Casita 

All-inclusive registration fee:

$ 1550 before Jan 15, $1650 after




Please fill out the form and let us know if you are ready to register or if you'd like to chat with us about anything related to the journey prior to registration!  

About Stefana Serafina 

Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator, writer, and embodied empowerment facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay. ​She is recognized for her unique and multi-faceted approach to body–based self–discovery and transformation, weaving together embodied journeying and expressive arts approaches, earth and nature-centric practices, sensuality and mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, dance, and ritual.

Stefana is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance ©, which has grown into an international platform providing resources, experiences, and education for returning to our bodies’ inherent intelligence, creative and intuitive genius, and sensuous wisdom. For over a decade, Stefana has been teaching and facilitating transformative, movement-based embodiment in California, Europe, Central America, and online, and developing the Deep–Body model that is at the foundation of the work.

Stefana’s facilitation and teaching have been called "life-changing and life-giving", "exquisite and evocative",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the timeless remembrance of who we are".

Her credentials include a Master's Degree in Communications with an award winning thesis on body image in modern culture, counseling training from the Interchange Counseling Institute, and a wide range of training, research, and experience in various additional modalities, including Authentic Movement, world dance, breathwork, indigenous traditions, drama  therapy, history of the erotic, and women's studies.

Stefana also hosts and produces the Embodied Way Podcast,  and authors the Embodied Way Blog. 

 Accommodation and Fees 

The all-inclusive participation fees  include your shuttle transportation from Zihuatanejo Ixtapa Airport (ZIH),  4 nights and 5 days at Playa Viva, all of your organic, locally sourced, masterfully prepared meals and non-alcoholic beverages,  organic toiletries and bath products, access to all facilities, and full workshop fee.

*The fee does not include your flight to Mexico/ZIH. 


Early Rate by Jan 15:  $1320––1550 

Regular Rate after Jan 15:   $1420–1650

Depending on type of accommodation;

Please see accommodation description below. 

Getting There:Arrival + Schedule  

Playa Viva is located in the western coast of Southern Mexico, just 35 minutes south of Zihuatanejo and its airport, in the sate of Guerrero. 

If flying, make sure to book to ZIH - Zihuatanejo Ixtapa International Airport. This airport is served by over 80 direct flights per week with half the flights from Mexico City and the other half of non-stop flights from major North American airports.  You will be picked up by a private shuttle at the airport. More info on arriving by car here.


Sunday March 29––Thursday April 22 


Sunday March 29: Arrive any time after 1 pm.

Immersion  opening circle 5:30 pm. 

Thursday April 2: We will leave the property by 2 pm. 

Vicinity: Travel the Region 

Have some extra time? The surrounding area offers wonderful possibilities to enjoy a few extra days in various oceanside villages and towns, including  Zihuatanejo and Troncones.


Want a little more buzz before or after the immersion? Visit Zihuatanejo, a popular coastal town  known for its sweeping beaches, galleries and seafood restaurants, and the city’s winding lanes.

For more quiet, small-village  vibes, but with and community, activities, yoga studios, and fun dining options at your fingertips, take a trip to Troncones– a relatively undeveloped, uncrowded beach village located about 20 miles north west of Zihuataneo.


Our Time Together: The Practice

Throughout the five days, you will be offered: 

–– Unique Deep–Body® practices to assist you in the active bridging of your psyche and the psyche/soul of the living place. (Please find out more about the Deep Body Model of our work further below);

–– Explorations into the aliveness, sensuousness, and health of your body in relationship to the aliveness, sensuousness, and health of the land and ocean: Cultivating the mutual restoration of body, psyche, and habitat.

–– Intuitive and creative movement, full-body storytelling, and witness work for contemplating your life’s deeper questions and longings;


–– Opening your body and soul to the muses of the land in response to your unique searches;

–– An embodied experience of strengthening  the erotic fabric of life  within yourself. Cultivating the erotic bond between yourself, the animate earth, and other humans as a way of moving through life;

–– Accessing the guidance of your deep body for the next steps;


–– Exploration of your greater soul vision through the creative and intuitive genius of your body and its attunement to the Earth's dreamings. 

––A lasting embodied experience of belonging to the family of things.


Overall, you can expect:  Deep-Body® movement, intuitive dance, witness movement practices, embodied journeying. Togetherness and solo time. Exploration, contemplation and rest. Circle and ritual.  Learning about habitat restoration and exploring how it relates to our own. Nourishing our bodies with extraordinary meals. Epic sunset swims and dances.  Falling asleep with the lullabies of waves.

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