The Embodied Ambassador

 Facilitator Training  

Bring  Deep–Body® and Movement– Based Facilitation to the Work and Communities You Love!

 September 2022–February 2023

Mixed  In-Person Immersion + Online Format Designed for Participants from Around the World 

The  training begins with a 7–day training intensive retreat 

in Southwest Portugal; and continues as a deeply experiential training online 

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With Stefana Serafina, M.A. 

Founder of Intuitive Body & Dance and the Embodied Way Podcast 

& Assistant Teachers 


Guest presentations by leading embodiment teachers, authors, & visionaries:

 Zhen Dao, Melissa Michaels, Bernadette Pleasant, Phillip Shepherd, Eli Buren

Pre-requisite for participation:  DEEP BODY STUDIES  Program 

Complete at least one of two modules prior to the training, second module can be completed later. 



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'Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.'

                                                                                                                                          ––Arundhati Roy


You feel driven to  promote social and cultural change through the ways we embody ourselves and our values, our voices, our sensitivity and sensuality, our intuitive and creative capacities.

The body’s intuitive and creative expression and its primary languages of sensing and movement happen to be a territory of natural inclination, joy, and curiosity for you. You have participated in various embodiment and movement modalities and are now excited about bringing the body and its genius into the work you do or envision doing.

You have a natural gift as a listener, facilitator, educator, and healer and are looking to strengthen these capacities by adding a rich, evocative, and skillful vocabulary of embodiment tools,  and cultivating mastery of cutting edge techniques, practices, and methods that will empower your work, purpose, and message.

The Four Pillars of Our Training 



Cultivating Deep-Body Expertise as the Foundation of Embodiment  

  • The Deep Body Model as the foundation of embodiment: Cultivating expertise in working with all layers of the deep body: Cognitive, physical, emotional, sensual, expressive, perceptive, and mystic/collective.

  • Intuitive and investigative movement + creative dance as transformation tools 

  • Nature, earth and wild psyche as intrinsic to embodiment

  • Myth, story, and archetypal/deep psyche in embodiment 

  • Embodied writing and drawing: Enhancing and grounding embodied wisdom  

  • Community power in embodiment: Witness, partner, ally, circle 

  • The Field: Interconnectedness, mystery, and the greater body

  • The sacred feminine as force, purpose, and nature of embodiment work



Crafting and and Materializing Your Unique Vision for Embodied Leadership   

  • Cultivating and refining your vision for making embodiment facilitation central or complimentary to your work

  • Creating a working structure for bringing  deep-body and movement-based embodiment into your life's work

  • The business of embodiment facilitation: Valuing your work and gifts, and choosing a business model for your service 

  • Presence on the web and social media

  • Community, outreach, and expansion, and sustainability

  • Self care

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Finding Your Personal Genius in Embodiment Facilitation & Leadership 


  • Your unique genius as foundation

  • Basic pillars of facilitating embodiment: Practice, Process, Tracking the field, Spontaneity, Relationship, Integration

  • Group and individual work and dynamics

  • Embodiment facilitation skills

-Setting and holding space

-Container and ambiance

- Rhythm, music, and silence

-Voice and presence of the facilitator

–Tracking the group

-Safety, trust, and resolving challenges

-Preparedness and intuitive, in-the-moment facilitation: The golden balance

  • Working with the field: Honoring mystery, the greater body, and interconnectedness in the work

  • Giving your unique voice of the sacred feminine 

  • Trauma awareness

  • Leadership

Painted Heart


Your Ethical and Passionate Obligation to Social and Cultural Change 

  • Ethics: Legal and moral obligations of the embodied facilitator 

  • Rules you can break, and those you cannot

  • Trust, safety, boundaries, freedom

  • Contact and touch when working with clients

  • Trauma awareness and response

  • Seeking additional support and resources

  • The embodied ambassador as a social activist

  • Your passionate obligation to social and cultural change

  • Taking the leap as an embodiment ambassador

Our Unique Model for Working with the Deep Body 

Click here to learn more about the Deep Body Model


THE TRAINING: Structure, Timeline, and Format

In this training you will...

–– Learn and practice in real time unique and powerful tools and skills for facilitating embodied learning, self-knowing and expression, "wholing" and transformation, both for groups and individuals. 

 –– Learn and put to practice a range of body, movement,  intuitive dance, and expressive arts approaches for working or being with others in a transformative way, most importantly in the areas of self-knowing and growth, sensitivity and creativity as higher forms of intelligence, reclaiming sensuality and sexuality, emotional and relational maturity and flow, fulfilling self expression, finding one’s unique voice in the world, working in the languages of  body, nature, and wild psyche, embodying the mystery of being human, and discovering a sense of true belonging and connectedness to the web of all life.


–– Ground your leadership in your natural gifts and skills, while also tapping a range of talents and gifts that you might have not yet applied toward your career path and purpose.


–– Learn skills for holding deep, safe space for groups and individuals, and for navigating interpersonal dynamics, depth material, and challenges that  arise while working somatically and with creative movement.


–– Explore the difference between somatic–based approaches that do not powerfully engage the body through movement and deep-body techniques, and those that do–– like the approaches offered centrally in this training.


–– Learn techniques to always bring your clients to the present moment and in the body, offering dynamic in-the-body ways for them to embody, move, and dance with their process and personal histories– in the present.  


–– Expand your vocabulary of soothing and grounding techniques for working with clients who access triggering material.

–– Learn a set of business skills  for expanding the scope of your work (or starting your  business), including clear and evocative copywriting, vision–– and niche–refining, audience targeting, and community outreach.


–– Receive personal guidance and support in panning out your ideas, finding what is unique in your embodiment facilitation style, and creating a vision for how to offer your work.



You will craft, develop, and refine a vision for incorporating embodied facilitation and leadership into your work and life, as it best fits your unique skills, current work, and goals. You will be supported in developing both the creative and practical aspects of your vision for how to enrich your work or communities through  offering the embodiment skills learned in this training. As a part of this field project, you will craft and facilitate one full-blown experience/class/workshop for your audience of choice, weaving embodiment and movement-based approaches.


Upon completing this training, in addition the two modules of the Embodied Studies Program, you will receive a Certificate for Completion, accounting for the number of hours in training and outlining the range and nature of skill development you were involved in, as well as commemorating the completion of filed work. 

Note: The Certificate for Completion is not a license from an accredited institution.

Stefana Serafina and Guest Teachers 


Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator, writer, and embodied empowerment facilitator based in the San Francisco Bay. ​She is recognized for her unique and multi-faceted approach to body–based self–discovery and transformation, weaving together embodied journeying and expressive arts approaches, earth and nature-centric practices, sensuality and mystery traditions, embodied archetypal psyche, dance, and ritual.

Stefana is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance ©, which has grown into an international platform providing resources, experiences, and education for returning to our bodies’ inherent intelligence, creative and intuitive genius, and sensuous wisdom. For over a decade, Stefana has been teaching and facilitating transformative, movement-based embodiment in California, Europe, Central America, and online, and developing the Deep–Body model that is at the foundation of the work.

Stefana’s facilitation and teaching have been called "life-changing and life-giving", "exquisite and evocative",  "deeply penetrating and rekindling", a "masterful invitation to the timeless remembrance of who we are".

Her credentials include a Master's Degree in Communications with an award winning thesis on body image in modern culture, counseling training from the Interchange Counseling Institute, and a wide range of training, research, and experience in various additional modalities, including Authentic Movement, world dance, breathwork, indigenous traditions, drama  therapy, history of the erotic, and women's studies.

Stefana also hosts and produces the Embodied Way Podcast,  and authors the Embodied Way Blog. 


Our Contributing Teachers 

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Philip Shepherd
Philip Shepherd

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Bernadette Pleasant
Bernadette Pleasant

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Melissa Michaels
Melissa Michaels

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Zhen Dao
Zhen Dao

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Eli Buren
Eli Buren

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Each of our contributing teachers will offer a 90-minute virtual lecture + lab in their field of facilitation expertise, adding to the wisdom bank of our training. Some of our teachers will make a guest-teaching appearance at the in-person immersion.  




MogaDao tradition founder, embodiment mystic, transgender poet, writer, and master facilitator

Zhen Dao is the founder of the Daoist–based practice tradition of MogaDao, and the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a transgender embodiment master, poet, novelist, and writer on a variety of philosophical, and cultural subjects, and her teachings come in one of the most unique, spellbinding, and truth-telling voices of our times.

The  MogaDao tradition encompasses various original disciplines with deep roots in embodiment, including MogaDao qigong, yoga, and  gongfu, complimented  by  the Depth Sexology and Erotic Basis of Being teachings, and the HeartMind Warrior trainings.

Zhen is  also the director of the theater company SACRA: Immanence Theater. You can find our more about her work on the MogaDao website, and see a couple of her rarely recorded  public talks on YouTube.



Femme! founder,  sensual speaker, somatic healer, emotional healing and empowerment facilitator  

Bernadette Pleasant is a sensual speaker, somatic healer, and creator of Femme!, a mind-body wellness program. She has spent a lifetime exploring creative visualizations and celebrations of the human form, from sensual dance to somatic healing. A gifted healer, dancer, and entrepreneur, she channels her personal journeys and her radical empathy into transformative, immersive experiences that empower and celebrate people of all genders, ages, sizes, and fitness levels. Bernadette travels globally empowering people through classes, private workshops, retreats and conference engagements.

With certifications in the Nia Technique, Ageless Grace, Pole Dance, Somatic Healing, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy, and studies in African, Tribal, and Free Dance, Bernadette promotes emotional freedom through movement and empowerment.

She regularly leads discussions on emotional healing, inclusive movement, and empowerment for all. Intuitive and engaging, Bernadette connects with those who have been silenced and shut down to support their physical, emotional, and healing journeys—whether in a classroom, from a podium, or one-on-one.

Find more about Bernadette Pleasant at



Author, embodiment expert and international teacher, actor and playwright 

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. He travels the world teaching The Embodied Present Process™, and is the author of two ground-breaking books, New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century, and Radical Wholeness: The Embodied Present and the Ordinary Grace of Being.  The books draw on a lifetime of research and experience and have been widely acclaimed for their original vision. 

Philip has a passion for adventure and exploration, and throughout his life it has been coupled with deep connection to the body’s intelligence. At 18 those passions took him from his native Canada to cycle alone through Europe, the Middle East, Iran, India and Japan, and later prompted him to study classical Noh Theater in Japan, design and build several houses, co-found an arts magazine, an interdisciplinary theater company, and write two internationally produced plays and a television documentary. Philip has also been a lifelong actor and has played lead roles on stages in London, New York, Chicago and Toronto.

For more, visit



Soul midwife and emerging leader's mentor, offering movement based cross-cultural educational opportunities

Melissa Michaels, Ed.D., guides individuals and communities through major life transitions through movement-based initiatory experiences. As a “soul midwife” and mentor to emerging leaders around the world, she created Surfing The Creative, a rite of passage process that links somatics, human development, and peace-building. 

Melissa is also the founder of Golden Bridge, a nonprofit organization dedicated to our collective renewal through the liberation of the creative Spirit. She is a first generation teacher of the 5Rhythms® and a registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist.

Her recent journey from a diagnose of ovarian cancer to no evidence of disease has put her on new front lines, creating art with women on the cancer healing journey. 

For more information in Melissa's work, her recently published book, Youth on Fire,  as well as to the film Twisted Gift about her healing journey, and her teacher trainings, please visit



Embodiment, intimacy, elemental wisdom, and sexual yoga teacher and facilitator 

Eli Buren is an embodiment facilitator and educator with specific mastery  in yogic embodiment, spiritual practice, meditation, sexual yoga, somatic studies, outdoor leadership, and the enlivening of these disciplines in a down-to-earth manner, with deep integrity through the body.

Eli has been a dedicated practitioner since 1998,  and has taught workshops and retreats internationally since 2005, working with thousands of students across the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Eli's wide spectrum of training includes an eight-year engagement with David Deida, serving as his teaching assistant, co-teacher, and producer.

Find out more about Eli's work:

See a recent video of Eli's immersions. 

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