A Journey. A Rediscovery. A Training 

Movement and Body  Inspired In-Depth Program 



Offered in TWO independent  modules:







With Founder  Stefana Serafina,  M.A.  









Travel the uncharted territory of your deeper life. Rediscover your deep body and re-inhabit its intelligence. Rekindle your sensuous nature and erotic knowledge. Explore your personal myth and heroine's journey. Re-invite the mysteries back into the practicality of your life.  Cultivate your embodied power and unique leadership. Give your gifts to your communities.


The two modules of this in-depth embodiment journey and skill training can be taken independently and in any order. The full 6-Month Program is track & pre-requisite to completing our Embodiment Facilitator Training(Complete at least one module prior to training)

We welcome women and non-binary female-bodied people.




 The Feminine Genius Module

ONLINE: Nov 5––Feb 4, 2020/21 

A 3–Month Journey

We welcome women and non-binary female-bodied people of all gender identities

 Living in the Deep Body Module

 IN PERSON:  A 5-Day Depth Retreat in SouthWest Portugal June 17–21, 2021 

ONLINE: Spring 2021, A 3–Month Journey




Module ONE 

Living in the Deep Body: A Return to Wholeness

Deep body, deep psyche, and Earth.

Sense-ability, sensuality, and body knowing as intelligence. Living your personal myth and heroine's journey. Your deep body as pathway to unfolding your soul vision. Flow vs. trauma. Reconciliation.


Online March–June, 2021

In Person: Southwest Portugal, JUNE  17–21,2021, a 5-Day Retreat 

Module TWO 

Embodying the Feminine Genius:  

Mastering the Sensual and Creative Legacy of the Female Form​

Evolutionary legacy of the female body. Subtle sensual anatomy. Sexuality, emotion, and flow. Body, earth, and eros. Reconciling primary archetypes of the feminine psyche and our personal underworld. Female anatomy as an internal map of the greater journey. Evolution of the Mother Line: Changing the course



Module ONE +TWO =

Prerequisites for 

 Embodied Ambassador Facilitation Training: Bring  Deep–Body® and Movement– Based Facilitation to the Work and Communities You Love!


     JUNE ––NOVEMBER 2021


Complete at least one of modules to be eligible to participate in the training. You can finish the second module after the training. 






The Deep-Body Studies is an in-depth, 6-month curriculum offering a deeply experiential, in-the-body approach to interpersonal transformation, embodied learning, skill development, and leadership. The program is offered in two independent 3-month online modules or as depth intensive retreats in-person in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is an invitation to a many-layered, committed journey within your deeper life, your embodied intelligence and internal navigation, as well as your relatedness to the natural, greater-than-human world, the ancestral and collective psyche, and the elemental feminine.

In its entirety, the Embodied Study is designed to move you through all stages of embodied rediscovery and leadership:

  • ––Re-inhabiting your ‘deep body’, the converging place of mind, senses, soul and psyche. Working with  the layers of your deeper psyche to reconcile abandoned aspects of self and actualize your personal myth;

  • ––Exploring  and rediscovering the “geology” of the earth and the feminine principles within your own form and anatomy so that you can revitalize your life into new levels of aliveness, sensual fluidity, creative freedom and expression, and can  rest in a newfound sense of belonging and purpose.

  • ––Breaking-through to a new personal ground so that you can contribute with even more heart and impact to the people and communities you work and live with, becoming an ambassador for their embodied wholeness, empowerment, and liberation.


The Embodied Study Program is not only an invitation to authentic, deliberate,  in-the-body homecoming; It is a call to the farthest and most meaningful  stretches of your heroine’s journey.


WAYS AND METHODOLOGIES   We engage all levels of the deep body, which is at the foundation of the DEEP BODY® model of our work. This approach includes the cognitive, physical, emotional, sensual/sexual, expressive, perceptive, and mystic/spiritual levels of body. "Body" in the context of this work is the whole embodied self as part of the greater ecosystem of life and the cosmos. This is the self that has access to her sensory intelligence, her intuitive perception  and dreams, her felt truth,  and her deeper inner nature, and is therefore connected to all of life and its intelligence. 


CENTRAL TOOLS for our investigations are somatic intelligence and embodied inquiry, intuitive and creative movement and dance, creative writing and embodied voice, and sensual anatomy practices, witnessing and group partnerships, nature dialogues, and storytelling, all of these constituting the primary lens through which we work. 


COMMUNITY You will stay continuously engaged, inspired and supported through peer partnerships, having one-on-one time with Stefana, and developing an integrative project of personal art over the course of the 3 months, which will be reenacted and embodied as a ritual and rite of passage at the end of the module.    (See more about this in the WAYSHOW IT WORKS section below)

HOW TO TAKE THE PROGRAM     You can take the two modules individually and in any order. The complete 6-month  journey offers the complete spectrum of possibility and benefit. Completing the entire program is also a track to participating in the Embodiment Facilitator Training, which is offered separately to those looking to bring creative body intelligence and  movement-based skills and approaches to their work and communities.


  • Gain unique insight into the most charged themes of your life, and uncover resources for lasting, embodied change;

  • Rediscover your body, reconnect with its deep, subtle intelligence, the wisdom of your felt perception and living imagination;

  • Address deeply seated patterns of closure and holding in the body, and reinstate openness, flow and freedom in your internal system and outer life;  

  • Reinstate creativity, sensuality, receptivity, and fluidity as the sustaining forces of your life;

  • Explore the layers of your personal mythology, the archetypal forces at play at this stretch of your journey, and gain perspective on the importance of your personal legend;

  • Overcome fears of aging, negative body and self- image, and self-esteem fluctuations. Ground yourself in a sense of wholeness, self-respect, and body love;

  • Discover the legacy of your female form, explore the  feminine mystery in practical, earthly ways. Become deeply resourced in the elemental feminine;

  • Break-through to new  levels of selfhood, expression, and leadership.




  • We meet for  seven bi-weekly LIVE VIDEO group sessions via Zoom, each one 2.5 hrs long. Calls are interactive and deeply experiential and are movement and somatic intelligence-based. These primary bi-weekly calls are led by Stefana Serafina and are primary curriculum, and we strongly encourage you to attend those live to the best of your ability! However, all calls recorded with video and audio, in case you want to revisit the practices, or can’t make the live calls.

  • We offer four (optional) deepen-in-practice  calls led by our trained facilitators or trainees on alternative Thursdays. The additional practice calls invite you to stay connected to your body and the journey in-between group meetings.  

  • Each meeting includes a presentation/discussion of one of the  program's key explorations and of the tools through which we work, a guided intuitive  body and movement practice, sense-ability meditations, embodied journeys and investigations, witness practices, group shares, and partner work. ​

  • Unique, exclusive recorded guided practices are offered after each session to ‘take home.’ They help you develop a deeper understanding of the work in-between meetings, and provide a facilitated landscape for to work with your material and integrate insights, on your own timing and from the comfort of your home.

  • You have full access to a Resource Page and a community page with recorded materials, worksheets, reading list, and guided audio practices.

  • You will develop a gradually unfolding integrative art project over the three months, a piece of personal art that reflects the learning and insights received both during and outside of group time. The completed project is enacted/embodied during  our final session as a  ritual and a rite of passage into new levels of selfhood.

  • You will be linked with a group partner for the duration of the program to share closely and regularly with. You also have access to our private online community where you can share, ask Qs, reach for support, and stay connected.

  • Signature Intuitive Body and Dance music-only playlists are provided  to use outside of group time.


Stefana's work in groundbreaking. It is life changing!

Her way of creating a safe container where movement, being seen, being mirrored, being moved is accessible is truly unique. She is a mystic and a woman who will hold you even when in your most vulnerable. She, her work, and the women who gather with her have changed the way I tread my path.

––Carina Lyall, Earth Medicine Facilitator, Denmark 

It's hard to put into words the depth of what this work opens up.

This program has given me processes and tools and, most of all, experiences that have helped me in my ability to connect deeply to my inner knowing. It has shifted how I relate to my daily life by inhabiting my body more fully and with more ease.

–––Patricia Black, New York City, Life & Wellness Coach for Women

I had never allowed myself to be held like that before...

Stefana has a unique way working, which continues to reveal the habitual ways I hold my body. To be guided to release the "stuck" places through movement has helped me hold myself in a different way in the world. 

–––Lynne Palazzolo, Nurse, Health Educator, Oakland, CA

Stefana’s work is honest, magical, and down to earth, all at once!

This was a fantastic opportunity to work with Stefana online. Her teaching and intuitive midwifery helped me cleanse trapped emotions and open myself to a way of being that is filled with with grace, curiosity and wonder.  I can't recommend Stefana and the program enough! 

––Anna Caroline Türk, Berlin, Leadership Coach, Founder of Truth Circles

This program was incredibly rich, fun, scary, loving, and transformational.

It was powerful to discover my hidden feminine presence, and how we hold our thoughts and beliefs inside of our bodies. To allow my body to speak and inform my here and now presence. To experience safety and healing in deep closeness in the group. Stefana taught me how to breath, move, ground, sense, smell and "see", harmoniously connected, respecting the whole of me, the whole of "us" bringing to the surface all that is sacred, universal and true.

–––Susana Witte, Berkeley, CA 

Stefana opened a channel for me to go into myself with a sense of wonder.

Getting to feel, dance and express parts of me that have been waiting to be discovered was like finally being seen, accepted and acknowledged.


–Marissa Mignone, Truckee, CA, Yoga instructor, Doula and Childbirth Educator

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MODULE ONE. Living in the Deep Body: A Return to Wholeness 


       Deep Body and deep psyche. Sense-ability, sensuality, and body intuition as intelligence.

 Re-inhabitation of the deep body.  Personal myth, heroine's journey, and embodied breakthrough. Flow vs. trauma. Embodied health and wholeness.


**Can be taken as a 3-month online module or as an 5-day in-person depth immersion in Sonoma, California or in Southwest Portugal **. This description is for the online edition. Dates and rates below. 


In the closely-knit  company of strongly committed women, you will be guided and supported in exploring your deeper psyche  through the visceral, direct and creative language of your body and your sensory awareness. You will be guided to the place where “mind and instincts mingle*”, where bridging the seen and the unseen becomes available, where focused self-study and self-expression meet and create change.


This is a rich opportunity to  investigate your life’s most charged and significant questions and themes not through the lens of the thinking self alone,  but in the language of your body’s awareness and inward-pointed senses, your intuitive movement and living imagination, mind-body dialogue, and your creative embodied expression. You will  explore how you embody  internal  structures and patterns of closure in a way that is often unconscious yet decides much of the course of your path. You will work with your personal myth and the archetypal influences at play at this stretch of your journey. You will explore the charge of personal turning points and embody their pivotal dynamics.


Throughout the three months,  you will develop a gradually unfolding integrative expressive art project, a piece of personal art that reflects the learning and insights received both during and outside of group time. The completed project is enacted/embodied during  our final session as a  ritual and a rite of passage into new levels of selfhood.

Encountering your deeper self and retrieving personal power while also being intimately supported by Stefana and the group,  an opportunity is created to catalyze some of the most desired changes you have longed for in your life.

Module One can be taken independently and is the best module to begin with, although you could also  begin with Module 2 and follow with Module 1. 



ONLINE March–June  2021​   ::::  IN PERSON, Portugal, June 17-21 


Group ONE  This timeframe is suited well for US/ Europe, Canada, and South Africa. All calls recorded and made available.

Bi-weekly Thursdays Primary Calls with Stefana: 

Exact Dates TBA

++ (Optional) LIVE Deepen-the-Practice Calls Exact Dates TBA

Group TWO  {This timeframe is suited well for US, Canada, and Australia, but not Europe  (Note:This is 11:30am–2 pm Sydney AU time) }

Bi-weekly Thursdays Primary Calls with Stefana: Exact Dates TBA

++ (Optional) LIVE Deepen-the-Practice Calls Exact Dates TBA



ONLINE:   3 payments x $240, or one of $690. Max of 17 people. Repeat or scholarship fee $555. 

Two partial scholarships in each group are available for the ONLINE programs, to those in severe economic hardship. One partial scholarship and one diversity scholarship are available in the in-person edition. If you believe a scholarship is the only way for you to attend, please apply here.

FOR THOSE IN FINANCIAL HARDSHIP: We are making exceptional efforts to accommodate all who are needing to join this depth journey in pandemic times, until we have no open seats left. Be in touch with us if you need to discuss options.  




A 5-day Depth Immersion in Odeceixe​, Portugal , June 17–21 2021

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